Indigenous Health & Resilience through Disaster

Projects & Activities

We have planned four inter-related research projects to support our objectives and a complete understanding of the health impacts and experiences of Indigenous peoples and communities during the evacuation and recovery process. 


Project one

Explores Indigenous stories of resilience and what helped them to cope during and after the wildfire in learning circles with Indigenous Elders, Adults and Youth

project two

Explores how Indigenous residents and communities were affected by the wildfire evacuation and recovery process. Interviews will be carried out with community members and community leaders to investigate the complexity of residents’ evacuation and recovery experiences.

project three

Identifies the health and mental health impacts from the wildfire on Indigenous peoples in Wood Buffalo. Guided by Indigenous holistic perspectives on health we will explore health and mental health concerns among First Nation and Métis residents and their experience with access to health services and mental health supports during and after the evacuation. 


Engages with Indigenous children and youth who experienced the wildfire evacuation using play methodology and arts-based research.